Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to Plan Financial Future

People are worried about the lack of money in future. They may have so much money today but they are still worried to the future. A human should make financial planning for the future. Here are some steps for it?

1. Write what your plan in future
what do you want in future? Write the specific, measurable, and attainable goal. For example, you want money a million dollar is future. Write the steps to reach the goal.This is a direction for the future.

2. Invest in your career
In my country, 95% people get money from working. I believe Most US people get money from working . You can work for the company or work for yourself. Both jobs can make money. Offers your knowledge or skill to other people to make money. You need to study at the university to get the knowledge.
Find the right jobs for you which means it will give you appropriate wages and career. Try to get promotion from the company by work hard. You can move to other office if you feel you cannot grow at the current company. If you are an expert, you will not be difficult to find job.
3. Saving
Save 10% of your paycheck every month. You will need the money someday. If you want to make a big plan, you should save more. Reduce the unnecessary or unwarranted expense and save for other purpose.
Save money from your lifestyle. You can save money on gasoline. Buy the cheaper gasoline to save dozen dollars a month. You can also use mass transportation rather than your own car.
4. Earmark your money to investment
Most people put some money to the investment. When the economic grow, they can generate much money from company stock. The company stock tend to increase when the economic grows. Unfortunately, the crisis affect the stock trading now. Most people sell the stock so its price is down.
The decreasing stock is temporary only. When the economic recover, the stockholder can get the return again.
5. Retirement fund
Perhaps you will decide to stop working at 60 or 70. You could not receive the money from the boss anymore. That is why you need to prepare retirement fund. It can fulfill your living cost in future.

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