Thursday, January 23, 2014

Smart Financial Moves For Teen

A teenager should know about the finance because it will be useful when they are growing up. They can manage the money well and collect the abundant wealth. The teens are expected can help themselves and other people.
This is the important financial moves for teenager:

1. Learn about the money
Money is not everything but it sometimes can buy so much things. We realize that money is very important for us. It is not easy to make money. The teenager should learn to generate money. Do not depend on parents. Someday, you should finance yourself.
For teenager, they can make money by helping the neighbor. Make dozen dollars for them. You can assist them to clean the house, sit the baby, cut the grass, and so much.

2. Saving the money
You can save cent by cent in cash box or piggy bank. Do not ask your parent to buy the PSP, NDS or some kind of that. You are better to save money for couple month to get it. You can earmark money pocket from your parent.
When the cash box is full, you can save the money to your parent. You can ask them to invest your money at stock. The stock is not a good investment today because the price is declining. However, some finance expert says that the stock price will increase multiply times.
3. Budget
Create the budget for you. It is not difficult to do that. You can list all last month expenses. Do not miss to write any expenses include the small expenses. For example, you buy the rubber eraser or a cup of ice cream. Though those items is not more than a dollar, you are better to write down it.
Prioritize your school needs such as book, ballpoint, and others. You are better to use generic product rather than brand product. It can save more than 50%.
4. Retirement fund
You can think about the retirement though you are still young. The retirement is not mature men problem only. When you contribute at retirement early, you can make more money than other people.
5. Be a frugal teenager
Most teenager want to buy expensive gadget. It is not problem when your father have so much money. If your father just ordinary clerk, you should be apprehensive. Do not forced your father to materialize what you want. You are better to save and save your money to reach your goal.
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