Saturday, January 11, 2014

How to reduce financial stress

Most people face financial stress. They may have lack of money because the low income and the high spending. It forced them to find the excess money to cover the lack of money. They can overcome the problem by doing this:

1. List all expenses
Some people are lazy to list or track the spending. They may spend money many times so they may miss to record an expense. Listing the expense is not an easy jobs. You should list the expenses everyday. However, you should do this to reduce the financial stress.
Record the expenses at a piece paper. You can put it at the kitchen or you can stick it at refrigerator.

2. Budget
After creating list, you can create the budget. Write all the income that you generate. Compare the income with your spending. Is the income enough to cover the spending? If your income is lower than spending, you have to reduce the spending. Be creative to reduce the spending. Do not make it suffer you.

3. Find other income
If you have low salary, you have to find other income. Seek out the creative ways to generate money. There are some freelance jobs in internet. Perhaps, you can do data entry, making presentation, writing script, writing article, shooting photograph, and so many.
If you have jobs, you should be able to manage the time. The other project should not disturb your main jobs.
Some employee can make income from home. They write hundreds article or content for the website. Dozen or hundreds dollar from the article is not bad. You can use it to buy your kid cloth.

4. Creative to reduce the expenses
Use the coupon to reduce the food and beverages expense. It is not reduce the expenses much. You can save $20 to $40 a month or $240 to $480 per year.
You can cut the cable TV expenses too. Shift to the cheaper packet to reduce it. If you want to stop subscribing it, it will be better. Not watching cable TV will not kill you.
Consider to reduce the debt especially the consumer debt. You can back the items to the creditor. Alternatively, you can rent it to other people. For example, you can rent your lease car to other people.

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