Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to live in a low income

Most the newly graduated just receive low paycheck. The company know that they has no experience in and they know that the newly will receive any jobs. The economic also influences the employment demand. Getting low paycheck is not happy. We cannot buy something that we need. Our salary may enough for hire an apartment moreover hiring a house.
If we live in low income, we have to survive. We can some make action to survive, such as:

1. Find side jobs
It is good to stream income from other source. You can work after working from the office. Some employee find projects from internet. They can make presentation or fill the spreadsheet. Collect cent by cent from the jobs.
Why do not help your neighbor to make money. Your neighbor's wall may need a new paint. You may get $5 perhours for it. If you are not afraid of highness, you can also fix the leak in the roof.
If you can teach some knowledge, you can generate make money.

2. Create a tight budget
For the low income, they may deny the entertainment or leisure expenses. They should consider the very essential for their lives such as food. Do not subscribe TV cable because you will pay much for it.

3. Trim down the food expenses
To trim down the food expenses, they can use coupon. They can get two product each they buy one product or they can get sample product. Some coupon also offers rebates if you buy the product.
Choose the generic food rather than brand product because the generic is cheaper than the brand.

4. Move to your parent
If you have no money, you can move to your parent. You can trim down some expenses if you live at there such as food, laundry, and so on. It may be not good for some people. The spouse should adapt with the parent. However it can save hundreds to thousand dollars.

5. Saving
Despite of low income, you must save your paycheck or salary. Do not withdraw the saving for unnecessary things such as eating out, watching at cinema, and else. You may withdraw the saving if you have no money to pay the food or your kid needs money for schoole fee. You can also use the money for starting business. Try buy some items and sell it at garage sales. When the business grows, you can hire the store.

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