Monday, March 10, 2014

How to recession proof to your money

Accelerate to pay the debt
When the recession hit, your money might be decreased. You should pay the debt soon before the recession hit. When the recession hit, the interest rates will skyrocket too. The debtor should pay more.

Spend less
Reduce your expenses to balance your budget. You can reduce the most unwarranty or unnecessary needs. Unsubscribe the cable TV immediately. You won't died if you do not watch cable TV. Do not go to cinema for watching new movies. Play the DVD in your room. The DVD film is not different with cinema film. You can hire the DVD cheap.
Realize that you are not rich, use the generic cloth that is not different with the brand cloth.

Smart spending
Buy in bulk some food that you can save in refrigator. You can save meat, fish, or eggs for months. Supermarket sometimes offers discount for specific items. You can buy any items that you need.
Sometimes the supermarket offers discount to some items that you may do need it, such as, brand cloth. Though, the discount is higher but it still more expensive than generic product. There are some trick that seller to attract more spending. Use your brain to make the smart spending.

Why do not save some food in refrigator? You can buy in bulk to get cheaper products. In 1930, some people plant the vegetable or fruit on backyard or frontyard. They can save some dollar from it moreover they can sell the fruit or vegetable to the neighbor or market. Raise some chicken at your backyard to produce meat and eggs.

Do more of yourself
I feel bad if I do not order other people to paint my house. The unemployment rate is so high in my country. However, if you have no money to employ someone you are better to do yourself.
Some employee may fire the chaveur and drive alone. They can save hundreds dollars per month. You can also repair your roof too if you can climb the roof.

Stream more income
We should be astute for finding money. Find side jobs that can double your income. There alot of opportuny jobs in internet. I heard some people can get dozen or hundred dollars from there. You can finish the project at night or early morning before, you go to work. At the saturday or sunday, you can work full time for your side jobs.

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