Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Benefit on learning how to save

Some ant save the food during the spring because they will face with winter. In winter, they cannot works to gather food such as sugar, fruit, insect, and others. They will stay on their hole. They can eat when winter and they can take the holiday inside the hole.
A human supposedly can save like ant. We cannot work forever. We should retire someday because our body will be weak. When you retire, you still need money. It is important to learn saving the money. The benefit that we can get from saving are:

1. We know the saving important
Undoubtly, the saving is important. When we want buy a something that we cannot buy, we can save the money first. For example, The gold ring is $2000, while we just have $ 300. We can save the money until $2000 are gained.
The saving keep us from debt. When we sick, we can use the saving. The medical bill is very high.

2. Know how to save
It is not wrong to save the money at can or save box but it is not effective. Sometimes saving money in your house is not save. some of your family member may grab the can. The cleptomaniacs guest may stealth your money.
Saving the money too long in the piggy bank can damage the paper. If you put the money at the roof, the lick may eat your money.
Some people think that saving at bank is better than piggy bank. I  admit that saving at the bank is safer than saving in house. We can get the interest and our money safe. The government will guarantee our money at the bak. However, the return is not equal with the bad economic today. The increasing stuff price is higher than the return. We should also pay the administration fee and ATM fee every month.
In this bad economic we can save money in gold shape. Their return is so high. Investing money at the stock market is not profitable now.
3. Commit to save
Saving need a hard commitment. Without it, you will be fail to save your money. Do not grab the money before the money is enough to buy what you want. The uncommitment people always use money for unnecessary things. You must force yourself to save the money though you just have low income. What you save everyday will become abundant someday. 

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