Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to protect your baby financial futures

I amaze to a student at the number one university in my country whose parents are cadger. I believe the parent will not be able to finance the college because the college fee is very expensive.The student can fund the college by small business. He sell the donuts to the other student .
I believe his parent are the best parent. Though they have no money, they can lead the kid to the univeristy. On the other hand, some parent who has so much cannot lead the kid to college. They just spend the time and they have no jobs. The parent has not succes to lead the kid.
Surely you must protect your kid. Here are:

Saving some money for them. You may use the money for their college fee or something. Earmark at least 10% for saving that including for children college. Sometimes the disease attack them

Life Insurance
Some parent worries they leave the kids alone. They prefer to buy the life insurance. The amount of money that they can get depend on the parents premium.

Invest the part of your money for the kid. There are some stocks that can makes money. You can share the return for their needs. Perhaps, they want to study algebra tutorial, or mathematical tutorial. It needs much money for it but it will useful for them in future.
Some parent buy Bond Series E to fund the kid education. The parent can inherit the investment to the kid.

Encourage them to learn
Tell them that you should learn or era will kick them. The world is very very wild. They should learn to get good grade. Learn to survive in this world.
Teach them to make money. You can teach them how to sell lemonade and cookies, sell newspaper, sell the items and others. Someday they become a good trader and rich man.

Good education
You should the best education for the children. It is good when you school them to the best school and university. They may get good knowledge. The office often seek out the best university graduated. The graduated must have good skill than other university graduates.
If you have no much money, you can teach them some skill. The skill might be useful for the future. Some kid can makes thousand dollar from their novels. People interest to their story. Some kid in my country has published story book.

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