Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to work less to get more money

This title is fun to me. In my mind, we have to work hard to make money. We must work harder to get more money. After you read the article; you must realize that we could “work less” to get more money. Some people work for 8 hours and do not get much money. Then he thinks to add the work hours but he does not get much money.
The point is they must work that can make money. Here are the ways to work for more money:
1.       Work first for the jobs that make money
Some people just browse in front of the led but it cannot make more money but they just spend much time at the computers. Supposedly, they prioritize the jobs or activist that makes money. They are better make an article or make a paper rather than the browsing. Certainly we also need browse the internet but we should limit it.

2.       Work for the jobs that can make money in future.
After finishing your jobs that make money, you can also consider to work that can make money in future. Perhaps you want to write a blog or a book. The blog may not give you much money today but someday your blog will generate much money for you.  You can also visit the social media to promote you as the writer or as a professional. Someday they may hire you for a certain project.

3.       To do the list
A human min is limited and sometimes they forget to do the task. I believe you must have a task that you should do. You should prioritize the jobs that make money than you place the activity that make money in future.

4.       Hire the assistant
To be honest, I am lazy to entry the data and make a presentation. If you have money and you are busy, you can hire a assistant that do these jobs. These jobs make you tired and you lose a precious time that you can do for other activity.
Fr the beginner whose just start the new business, we must do all the jobs. It is good for us to know all the business that we have. After the business grows, you should consider employing other people. By hire people, you have a good act for other people who need money for him or his family.

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