Sunday, October 18, 2015

How you and your community can improve finance

In my country, people have eastern culture that is better to Western culture. In Eastern culture, we accustomed to give prize to other people. We do not hope the other people give back. I do not deny that few people give the prize for something. They want the people give back to them.


I see an article at get rich slowly. You and your community will help our finance. Here are the ways:

Share purchases

Buying grocery is cheaper than buying single product. You can buy the food grocery and share to your community. It is better than buying grocery for you only. You should provide the large refrigerator to save the meat or the fruit at it.

The community can list the member that need some product and they gather the money and buy the product at grocery store.


Share excess

Certainly, you will not leave the excess cuisine in your wardrobe. You have better share it to your neighbor rather than rotten. My mother usually gives the neighbor the cuisine and they like it.

We have helped them and we do not have to throw to garbage. You should help the poor people near your community by give them some food. Perhaps it just  

I wonder to plant some fruit in my front yard such as tomatoes, egg plant or sour soup. I will give the fruit if i have excess of the fruit. My neighbor has two jack fruit trees. She usually gives some jack fruit to us.


Share labor

In my country, people help to build a house but i just find it at the village. The city citizen does not help each other when they build a house. They must hire the labor to build the house.Perhaps you can help your neighbor to cut the grass for free and they will do it for you to someday.

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