Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gold for retirement

I have ever written in my blog that gold is not an investment but many
people use the metal as the investment because the price of gold never
decline. The decline of gold is for a moment and then the gold will
back to stable again.
The gold is unlike a stock that the price volatile. You cannot make
short sale or you cannot take the benefit in a moment. You can
generate the return after the years or dozen years.
Gold cannot grow stock or the tree that can produce some fruit for
you. Gold weigh cannot change, meaning your gold number will not
increase. When you put a kilogram of gold, the weigh will not
increase to 1.1 kilogram. Gold will not bear other gold.
Someday you should use the gold to buy a business because it can
generate so much profit. You can sell the gold and use the money to
buy a store where you can sell food and beverages. You can also buy
some assets such as house, car, and laptop. These assets may increase
your money too. You can use your laptop to make article and you will
be paid for it. You can hire the car for some dollar or you can rent
your house for the student or worker.
To be honest, I will buy some asset such a land or house. Above the
land, I will build a farm such as rubber or palm oil plantation. The
rubber plant generate abundant money when the world rubber price high
and so the palm oil.
When inflation occurs, people will not buy our gold because they have
no money for that. They will buy the food from us rather than gold for
Gold is important but you should not buy your money for gold only. You
can save gold for 10% of your assets like other experts say. The other
assets or 90% others; you can put it to other assets or investment.

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