Monday, October 26, 2015

When you stop working

Most worker dream to life after retires. They can imagine to live at the Bahamas were they can spend the live at there without thinking anything. They just lay down on the carpet and get the sun shine.
For the worker whose has so many pensions, they can chase the dream. But not all people can each there. Most people do not have enough pension money. They have to work hard to love them.
The company must not like to accept the old man as the labor because the old man is not strong enough to produce their product or their service.
Off course, an old man cans still works. Some company accepts old man as the worker but only few. You can apply to the company that receives the old man as the officer.
In my opinion, we do not have to quit job even we old. We can still work that can make money. Quiet or go to the another place does not make you happy. 

You can find jobs that you like and do not make you tired. Alternatively, you can also open a business too. Business does not make you bother. You can do the jobs when you want of curse you will get less benefit when you do not do your business.
When you get old you must get experience from the latest jobs. Some company will pay you high. Your experience must be precious.
You can save the salary for your future too. Perhaps you will longer live that need more money. The pension or your saving could not cover your spending.
As the old man you should notice your heath too. Do not work until late night that can make you sick. You should not forget to pray to Allah and do some exercises.    
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