Monday, September 28, 2015

How to manage less money

Most people just make less money. They are difficult to reach the financial freedom because they need to cover their spending. Sometimes they borrow other people money to cover their spending.
Off course they must pay back the loan when the debt due. Sometimes they must pay the interest that is higher than the principal.
The people should not borrow to cover their spending. They must manage the money well so they can cover all the spending.  The keys of manage less money is to strict the spending. So we have to:

1. Create a budget
Budget may not help you to become rich but it is a good ways to manage your less money. Allocate your moneys to important things such as food, beverages, your apartment fee, also your credit.

2. Make more money
This is a good ways to increase your money and cover your spending. Find another side jobs that you can do after working hours. One or two hours that you use to work may make dozen or hundreds money.
Writing is the way to make money from the internet. You can also participate at the paid survey but you should sure that the website pays you.

3.  Live below your mean
Do not live like other people that spend so much money. You can go to the office by mass transportation that can save hundreds dollar from it. You should not buy the food outside that can

4. Saving first
Though you just have little money, you can save your money from your salary. Try set a side money for saving about ten percent. You can deduct other spending so you can save for more money. When you get the unexpected income you can put it on your saving.
One day, your saving will become large and one day you will have more money.

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