Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to avoid personal finance crisis

The uncertainty global economic is increasing. The Greek debt crisis has influenced the world economic. Some Europe country also suffer debt crisis such as Portugal, Italy, and others. The crisis may affect your personal finance especially the investors who invest the outside. They will loss:

1. Pay your debt immediately and do not propose another debt
Set aside your salary to the debt expenses. If you have more money, you should settle the debt immediately. Do not ever let the debt hang your neck.
The mortgage has caused some people poor because they cannot pay it. The credit card can cause the financial crisis. Some Korean people in financial crisis due to credit card. We have to better throw the credit card now.
2. Not dependent on your boss, your parent, you brother and your sister
In economic tight when the company may fire you, you should find other jobs to fulfill your basic need. You must be able to predict whether the company wants to bankrupt. If they late or do not pay your salary for month, you should be ready to find other company or other office.
Some people feel comfort with the parent. They think the rich parent will support him or her forever. That people must be unwise. If the parent needs more money, they should payback the money soon.
3. More save
It is difficult to save more when the good and service price multiply. However, you should save more to anticipate the crisis. Saving money does not mean we save the money at bank or certified deposit. This investment is not profitable today. Saving at bank may guarantee your money but it cannot protect the value of money.
That is why, people save their money at gold or silver. The gold and silver price is skyrocketing at last year. I am also worry that people will hunt the gold so the price will be unreliable.
4. Emergency fund
The emergency fund can help you to finance your living cost in short time or six month. It depends on the amount of emergency fund. This fund helps some unemployment while they cannot generate salary. The unemployment must need transportation cost to apply new jobs. They also need paper and envelope for applying a position in the office. 
5. Find some free
There are some coupons in internet or newspaper. Use the coupon to cut your spending. You may just get a gallon of milk, a slice of pizza, a con of ice cream but it can save few dollars.
6. Change your lifestyle
The economic is tight, you have to change your lifestyle now. The generic product is better than the brand product now for you.
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