Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pros and Cons Buy in Bulky

People want to save their spending in order to side the bad economic today. One of the strategies to cut the spending is buying in bulky. Some people prefer to buy in a bulk to cut the spending due grocery store offers discount to anyone who buy in bulky. However, some people does not like to buy in bulky. Here are the pros and cons buying in bulky:
Grocery store or supermarket gives bonus to the buyer who buy in bulky. For example, the buyer gets free 1 bottle milk if they buy two bottle milks. The buyer can save one bottle of the milk. The grocery often gives discount to buyer who buys in bulk.
Save our time
We do not have to go to market everyday because we have buying in bulk. We can use the time for other activity such as leisure, finishing the jobs, and else.
Save the gasoline/gas
Since you do not go to market frequently, you can save the gasoline and gas. You do not have to drive the car to grocery frequently.
The food is not fresh
If you buy in bulk, you must put the food in refrigerator. The refrigerator can keep the food fresh for few days. If you put the food for week, the food will be dried. The foods such as vegetable and fruit will wrinkle for weeks. Certainly, you cannot eat the dried food and you will throw the dried food.
It needs cost
Since you use refrigerator, you have to pay the electric bill. The refrigerator also can increase the electric bill. Buying in bulk also require the storage. If your house wide, you can storage so many bulky goods.
Less varieties
Most supermarket or grocery offers goods with other goods that we may not need it. They want to sell out unsoldable things with the soldable things. If you think those good are not important for you, you do not have to buy those goods.
Supermarket just sell in bulky for certain goods only. You may not get what you want.

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