Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How financial freedome make your life easier

I am prety sure that someone who has money will life easier than someone who has no money though we find in some cases the rich man is not ahappy as the poor man. They often awareness by something that they do not know it. They can buy anything but they cannot buy happines. However, being financial freedom make your life easier.

1. No Money worry
Most people worry about the money. They afraid the money is not enough for education and retirement. They work very hard to reach the goal. I have ever heard that the worrines can affect the health. Sense of the worry may make you desperate. You are difficult to concentrate to generate more money.

2. Protection
In my country, a farmer who has hundreds hectare oil palm plantation bankrupt whereas he can makes thousands dollar from the plantation. He may have so much asset but he do not diverisifed the asset well. He just put the money on palm oil only.
The financial freedom has so much various asset so you can protect yourself when you loss some assets. Some people prefer insurance to cover themself.

3. The Health
Since you have good finance, you often check up your financial condition. You can also buy organic food that free from hazardous chemical. On the other hand, the people who eat non organic food could be unhealth.
We can also go to gym that other people is difficult to go there. The gym instructor suggest some exercise that fits wit the student.

4. Retirement
The financial freedom means we have to provide some money for retire. We do not have worry about the future. Perhaps we can contribute $20,000 per month. We may receive $ 10,000 a month when we quit from the job.

5. Assets
The asset has so much and they can generate more money. You just need hire the asset to someone need it. Some people need the house but they are not able to buy it so they prefer to rent the house from you.
The asset also cover you from loss. It also can be useful when you want to borrow money.

Surely you have so much reason for life easier. When you are going to office, you have a good car. You do not have to wait the buss in shelter. Your education also guaranted and the kid can select any college that they like.The future of your kid will be better than other kid who have  no fund for college.

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