Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to fund college when you have no money

The college fund is so expensive especially the good college. We have to study at college in order to increase our knowledge and get the good jobs or position. High school graduate must be difficult to get good jobs. You will not get the low manager level if you are high school graduated.
From above description, we know that college is very important for us. We can be an important people that can help other people. No matter how much money you have, you should try hard to study at college. Here are some ways to get college fund:

Most university offers full or half scholarship. If you have good grade in high school, the university may enlighten your college fee. They could cut up to half or 50 percent. Some university also offers full scholarship which means we are free to study at the university.
To reach the scholarship, you must study hard. Get good mark so your sponsor want to fund you. You should also keep the GPA good. In my university where I teach. the university just give scholarship to student whose has GPA 3.25.
The athelete can get scholarship too. We can see most NBA player have studied at college. They can get scholarship by their talent.
My friend work after graduated from High school. He has worked for automotive company though the salary is not much. He saved the paycheck for college fee. Finally he graduated from Information technology academic. Now he is a public service officer at a municipal in my country. He does not need to work hard like his jobs in automotive factory. He just work in front of the computer.  
Student Loan
Some people borrow money from student loan. Due, the economic tight, it may be difficult to get the loan. The creditor are selective to lend the money. Only the student who has good credit score will get student loan.
You must be sure that you can pay back the loan. Some graduated fall to payback the loan because they have no jobs.
People near you
In my country, the uncle or aunt often helps their niece or nephew. The family tied in Asia countries is so tight. We are accustomed to help each other. It is shame when we cannot help other family.
Distance learning
Distance learning is cheaper than common college. You just read the book and the lecture material at your house. Once a week, you can meet with the professor to discuss about the lesson. You can also study at distance learning while you are working for a company. We can manage the time easily.
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