Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Benefit of learning budget

What for we learn the budget? It takes much time. We may spend money to learn the budget by asking the private teacher or financial planner. Perhaps, we also buy book to learn about budget. Though, you will find some obstacles, you will find that learning budget can give you some benefit.

1. You can understand and recognize what your spending is? We often unrealized to spend our money for food because we enjoy food. With learning budget, you can analyze where your money go out.

2. Know the goal of the budget
Some people just said that they want to be wealth. They want have house, car, and pet but they do not know what kind house, car and pet. You can set the specific goal either short term goal or long term goal. The short term goal is a small goal that you can reach in less one year. For example, we want to buy a refrigerator that cost $ 600. We can collect $50 every month. 
3. You can manage the money well
The budget activity is to allocate the money for some spending. You can elegantly share your paycheck or income to entire of spending. Your salary will be enough for one month. Some people cannot pay off the spending even they get hundreds of thousands dollar a month.

4. You can make budget spreadsheet
To record entire of the spending, you need spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can make your work easier. We just type the spending and the amount of dollar. We do not have to make the table manually. For next month, we just copy and paste the file. Surely, you might adjust some spending or income items when you need it.

5. You can teach other people about budget
The best ways to learn is to teach someone. You can teach about the budget after learning the budget. Teach your spouse first, he or she will understand the budget. He or she will understand why you stick on budget. You can also teach someone to make money.

6. You will not forget your money
A husband order the wife to pay the electric bills. She forget to do what the husband order. She forgot to pay the bill for a month. Fortunately the electric company does not cut the electric supply. She use the money for buying cloth. If she has budget, she will never forget to buy the electric bill.
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