Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tips on how to manage your money wisely

Every people wonder when they receive money more money. They can spend more money for some items thay have wanted. Though they can receive some money they should be wise. Here are some tips for you.

1. Spend less than you earn
This is the rule thumb of spending. Do not you push yourself to buy anything that you may not need it. Consider the income that you can stream.

2. Tight Budgeting
Earmark some money to the spending post wisely. The budgeting should be balance. Reduce the spending to balance to your income. This is the easy ways to balance your budget.

3. Avoid credit card
Prefers cash than caredit card to buy anything. The abusive interest may load your money. Do not believe that credit card make your life easy. On the other hand, it make your life worst.

4. Smart Spending
Find the best ways to get cheaper product. You can find the coupon on magazine, newspaper, facebook, or twitter. The coupon can reduce the money that you should expenses. It may be not much but it can save dozen dollars in month.
Buying in bulk could save some dollar. Notice, you should not buy in bulk everything. Some items are not good to buy in bulk, such as paper towel, vegetable, spices, and others.

5. Contribute to retirement earlier
The employee must cotribute to the retirement fund as the company cut the paycheck. For the freelancers or business owner, they have to contribute the retirement fund alone. They can choose IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, and others.
The earlier you contribute, the more better off. The Earlier must receive more money than the others.

6. Separate need with want
Do not buy antyhing that you want but anything that you need. Most people buy anything that they want. They buy a cat whereas they need other things. They still need money to buy food cloth, and else.

8. Buy generic
What for brand cloth? You do not have to use the brand from famous cloth. They have similiar function to protect your from shame and cold. I believe that some generic brand quality is not different with the brand but it is cheaper than brand product.

9. Create the emergeny fund
life is unpredictable. We cannot predict when we need money when we get the money. When someone get accident, they need so much money. They can withdrawn the emergency fund for it.

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