Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to increase your income suring recession

We are difficult to get money now. As the Greek crisis has influence the world, the recession shadow world economic. We might be difficult to stream income. The good prices also increases that can increase our spending. There is no other ways beside increasing income.

Rent Assets
Rent Asset to other people. You can rent room for $500 to student. If you have two houses. you can rent one of them. You may generate thousands dollars from it.
If you have car or motorcycles, you may rent it too. It is better than leave your car in garage. You can sell if you have more than two cars.

Get rid your items from warehouse
You have better to get rid useless items from your warehouse. It can get benefit two sides money and empty room. You can use the room for business.
Perhaps you still save the baseball stick or helm on the garage. Why do not sell it and make money?

Second Jobs
Some people works after they arrive to home. They can works up to middle night. When I was young, I also works at the morning at the night. I got double income from consulting firm and university.
Seek out ways to makes more income. Do not hope too much from paycheck that you receive now. It may be not enough for you. You may need more money to fulfill your basic needs.
You can find some jobs in internet such as writing article, virtual assistance, and others.

Smart Investment
We realize that investment today is not good. The trend of the index market decline. It looks the stock index will not rise again. The bond market also bad due it interest almost hit zero. The government will not increase the interest because it can make economic worse. However, some emergence market can make profit too. While the stock index decline, some Chinese stock can make return two digits.
For long term, you can also invest the money at blue chip. Someday, the stock can be doubled or when the economics recover.

Articles online
This is the easiest ways to make money. Indian people write 400 word article for a dollar. Surely they do not write the article well. However, some publisher still need their article. They can make dozen or hundreds blog to obtain adsense revenue. They are patient to stream income from the adsense. They market the blog and promote the blog in order to increase the traffic first.

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