Monday, February 10, 2014

How to make money when you cannot get loan

Most people belive that we should have money to make money. They propose loan to fund the new business. Unfortunately, the bank does not give the credit. You may have low credit score because you have not borrow money from anyone. There are no credit score to appraise yourself.
Making money does not need much money, according my business gurur. He suggests the student to not borrow the money. He suggests to use anything that we have and we can sell. One day a coleague wan to borrow money to him. He saw that the colague has motorcyle and expensive gadget. He suggested to sell the asset that they have. He insisted that everyone should sacrifice for theirself because no one will sacrifice for us.

 According to him, the debt will make people bankrupt.

Bake Sale
Sell the bake near your house. You can make brownies, muffin, bread, cake and other. Make sure you sell the sweet and delicious bake. Find the strategic place to sell your bake. Someday, you can open a bake store.
You may add some lemonade. The buyer may thirsty after eat the muffin or brownies. You just need squezee lemon and add some ice cube.

Your neighboor may need your service to clean the house. You must be able to swap the house for few hours. Get the payment from your neighbors. The neighbors may need you to cut the lawn.

Some parent need a tutor to teach the kid. If you have knowledge in mathematics or algebra, you can tech those difficult lesson. Some parents dare to pay expensive for it. You may get $70 per hours.
You can teach the kid after work or afternoon. It will not disturb your jobs at the office.

Garage Sale
Why do not sales the used item at your garage. Some neigbor may need your used trident to clean the garden or someone may need your used kid bicycle for their kids. By selling the used items, you it and generate money.

Pawn your antique to Big Hoss or Rick. He want to pay your antique high. Do you have some tusk, weapon, stamp, coin, painting, toys, and else? If we want to get high price, you should be able to negotiate with Old Man. He often decrease the price of your antique.
You can buy back the antique whenever you get money. If you have no money, you do not have to come back to the pawn shop again. They might sell your antique.

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