Monday, November 2, 2015

How to prioritize the saving goal

Most people confused to set the goal of saving. That is why they do not have the saving goal and then they do not have motivation to save. Actually, it is not difficult to set the saving goals. Here is some guidance to prioritize the saving goal:
1.       Get out of debt
If you have so much debt, you have to pay it down. When you have debt, you will not be able to save any penny. Collect each dollar for paying down the debt. Pay down the high interest debt first and then, pay other debt.

2.       Build Emergency
After get out the debt, you have to create emergency fund that is useful to avoid you from debt, when you suddenly need money, you can use the fund. The amount of emergency fund is around six times of your spending monthly.
Once you have fulfilled your emergency, you can think about the other saving goals.

3.       Retirement
Some article that I have read said that the retirement is 50% of our salary. It is very big to me.   The retirement is very useful when you quit working. It is help you to buy the food, cloth and other when you have no jobs. Some people use the retirement for go trip outside to enjoy their old time.

4.       House
People must have house as their shelter. They know where they go home. House is not cheap and you need to save before buying a house. Some people need saving dozen years until they buy a house.

5.       Cars
You may need a vehicle so you can use it to go everywhere. An old car may be suitable for you if you have low saving. If you have so much saving, you can consider the new car that is more comfort than the old.

6.       Others
Perhaps you want to continue your study to the master degree. Perhaps you want to save for new laptop or perhaps you want to repair your house. You can set it below  the others saving goals.

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