Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Cheap Vacation

As an ordinary people, we need a break from our jobs. It makes our brain fresh. A man still need vacations even they are not rich. They can find cheap vacation near their house. After vacation, you have new spirit to do some of your jobs.
Here are some cheap vacations:

Find camping location near your house. Perhaps some national park allows people to camp at there. You just need tent for camping. Surely, you should provide some food such as cereal, bread, meat, fish and other. If the camping place provide so many food such as fish, you can provide the seasons, or butter. You can cook at the outside and eat the fish. Surely, you should provide food reserves or you will starve. You should make some preparation
In my country, people use to go to the university where there is a big lake. They are fishing and get some fish such as catfish, cichlids, carper, gourami, and others. They grill the fish near the lake. The university does not charge the ticket to anyone who stays at the lake.


There are some fish at river, lake, or water. You just need a fisher and bait. It does need much cost for fishing. You have to be patient to wait the fish.
You can bake the fish at the river or you can bring it to your home. The fish is fresh that is different with other fish. If you have so many fish, you can save it at refrigerator and it can save your money on food.

Climb Mountain
If your house near mountain, you can visit it. We are free to sit on there. You can climb at the morning when the air is still fresh. Climbing mountain can relax your feet and your lung will be fresh again. Some climber said when we are on the top of mountain or hill, you can scream very loudly to release your stress. To be honest, I have never do like that but you may try it.

Local History Sites
Perhaps your house is near a history site. Your place may near the battle area. There are some historical places that are built by the local government. This place collects some historical stuff. Your kid may need some knowledge about the history for the history class projects.
The Museum that collects the archaeological things such as coin, artifact, sword, gun, flag and else charge little money.

Some Zoo is free. In my country, a rich woman found a bird reservation near her farm field. There are lot birds that perch on the tree. The woman forbids any people disturb the bird in the land. This is the best place for refreshing. You can mats and watch the bird.
I believe some rich people in your country found free zoo. The collection of animal may be not complete but it can be a good vacation for you.

City Park
Some big city plan city park in the middle of city that is to supplies fresh water for the city. We can breath some fresh water on that place for few hours. There are lot tree and plant that reduce our stress. Some city park is free.
We just need transportation to go there. We can use taxi, bus, tram, or train. If the city park is close to your house, you can walk or ride bicycle to there.

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