Friday, February 3, 2012

Miser people vs. frugal people

It is very difficult to distinguish between frugal people or miser people. We cannot accuse someone as stingy people when he use coupon to buy the bottle of ketchup. On the other hand, we cannot say a director is kind person when he donate thousands dollar for Japan Earthquake donation. The judgment of miser and frugal is depend on the human value that they have.
I have read the Walt Disney comics that describe Uncle Scrooge misery. Uncle Scrooge who is Donald Duck Uncle ate breakfast free although he is the richest duck in duck world. He walked at the park to find ripe apple. He use the stick to reach the ripe apple. He drinks from the park too. He enjoy the free breakfast from the nature. As a rich duck, uncle scrooge needs information. He took the newspaper that people leaves at the park chair. He sits on the chair and read the newspaper.

I think Uncle Scrooge is miser people.
Most miser people does not want share to other whereas sharing is good for them. Some people in my country believe that share can cure some diseases. The sick people give to poor people some money and ask them for pray.
The miser people give the used things. They will not give the best things or stuff on their lives. In the budget, they will never allocate charity. On the other hand, a frugal allocates some of money for charity. They want to share to unlucky people.
A miser people charity when he get the money higher than he expected. Sometimes they give to people for their benefit. For example, they gives expensive prize to the land owner so the land owner will sell the land to the miser people. The miser people know that he will generate money from the land over many times. A miser people realize that there is no free lunch.
They think what they have because they have been working hard. There is no people who help him.
A miser people do not consider the brotherhood of family. They can not tolerate with the brother for money business. Sometimes, they black mail the brother to pay the debt. Sometimes they seize the brother asset with no mercy.
You should not be miser. Misery cannot save your money. Your money may increase when you donate to foundation or unlucky person.
Photo by : Jeff Kern

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