Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stay Positive in tight economy

Some people prefer to jump from high tower or hang the neck with rope. They think they cannot stand live at the world whereas suicide does not solve the problem. You have to responsible your act to God. Suicide will not solve your problem. You may leave your problem to people near you. Your wife or legacy should pay your debt.
You should stay positive with current condition. Your negative mind will not help you to solve your problem. Here are steps to make you stay positive:
1. Count your blessing

Today, you can breathe fresh water free. It is a great bless beside money. Some people cannot breathe the air directly. They breathe with oxygen tube that is pricey. They must bring the tube wherever they go. The small pipe always sticks at the nostril. Today, we may get headache because we have no money. Some other people have cancer in their head. You should gratitude for your health. You are lucky if you just got headache. Some people should in pain because of anxious disease.
If you are laid on hospital, you should pay so much money. If you stay longer in hospital, you may sell your house to pay the hospital costs. Further, you should pay the cost of surgery for cure yourself. When we sick, you must be difficult to find money. We just laid and we can do anything. Some writer may write but the common clerk will not be able to work at the hospital
Some people stay positive while they sit on wheel chair. If you can walk on your feet, why do you still sad? If you count the blessing, you will not be able to count it.

2. Nothing last forever
Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, has dozen tons of gold. He and his family have corrupted Egyptian assets. He has led Egypt for more than 30 years. As Arab people call for Revolution, he must go outside Cairo. With Social media support, Egypt people protested Egypt government and they want Mubarak resign. The protest needs two month to decline Mubarak. Recep Tayyep Erdogan, Turkish premier, has warned Mubarak that every man will die someday. He appealed Mubarak to resign for his people but he refused to did it. He prefers to use his steal hand to crackdown the protestors. 
Even rich people could become poor in a moment. This world is not real and nothing last forever.
The crisis will be over someday. I am pretty sure about it but I do not know when it over. After great depression in 1930’s, US people bounce back. The Capital market will back. Some stock price will increase. We will gain return on capital market. The company will pay the dividend to the investors.
3. Do what you can do today
It is not good to think your destiny today. You may not make money now but you have to work now. Plan some action that you can do today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.
Do not wait the gold will fall in front of you or hope some friend or family help you. They may forget you or they are not able to help you now.
Find some jobs that can generate money. If the neighbor pays me to cut grass, I will take the jobs. Little dollar can become million dollars.
Do not refuse the jobs though it does not give you much money. You are better to keep working than staying in your house. By working, you can get experience and you can keep your pride.
I have no jobs for long time but I never stop working. I have opened a business when I have no job. Today I still write for blog and some website and generate few dollars from it. Someday I will get thousand dollars from it. I just work what I can do today. Do not wait until tomorrow.
4. Learn from past
Some people invest at wrong investment such as stock or mutual fund. Those investments are not good due some company suffers lost and they cannot pay dividend to the stockholder. They also put the money on stock only that make them suffer big loss. Supposedly they invest at various investments such as stock, ETF, mutual fund, retirement fund, and others.
We should generate money from various sources to fulfill our needs. When the company fires us, we can still generate money from our business or royalty.
Set a part of your money to productive asset such as farm, plantation, or else. Some finance expert suggests selling the stock and buying the stock.

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