Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pros and Cons work as Freelancer

The advent internet helps some worker work from home. They do not have to go to office every day. They can also work for the foreign company where the distance is hundred of thousand miles from their home.
With the internet, an employee can sell their program, software, or else to other people. It can increase our bargain; meanwhile, the company can get cheaper employee from underdeveloped country. Some qualified freelancer can work better than the employee.
A freelancer does not have to stay on office for 8-9 hours. They can still at home while they are working. Some mom can sit the baby while she works. They can save time when they work at home.
However, freelancer is not right for some person. The worker who wants monthly salary will be disappointed when they work as freelancers. There is no monthly salary for a freelancer. They will be paid after finishing the project or the jobs. Sometimes the money is not equivalent with our work. The jobs orders pay you due you are the beginner. When you become experts, you will be paid high.
Most Freelancers has no retirement fund because the company does not pay the contribution for the freelancers. In economic tight, some company prefers freelancers so they do not have to pay the retirement fund, medical benefit, and insurance. They need to cut some spending in order to keep the company live.
People who have no retirement fund may be difficult to find money when they retire. A freelancer supposedly save more money due they have no retirement fund. They can set apart of salary to profitable investment such as shares, precious metal, bonds, and else. The freelancer should set much money that the employee who has retirement fund due the uncertainty of freelancer is so high.
A freelancer usually has no boss; meanwhile, he has no man that helps him work. It is difficult to employ other people because the freelancer should pay the salary. There is no boss that will angry to freelancer or cut salary when we late.
There is no boss does not means the freelancer will work better. Sometimes new freelancer will be lazy when there is no angry boss that presses them. A freelancer should be diligent. They should have target and construct the schedule. They should finish the jobs on the schedule.

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