Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Cut College Cost

Studying in college is very expensive. Some good college charge high college fee.

Due to economic tight when the Greek crisis threat United States economic, we have to cut some spending including in college. Here is some cost that you can cut:

If your college is only 50 km or 80 km from your house or your college to house just need one to two hours trip, you are better to stay at your house as long your parent allow it. My college is three hours trip from my house. When I entered the college, I have made some preparation. My parents searched a room for me where is not far from my college. I did not need any transportation to the college.
Our Classmate also suggest to use laundry service because we have no time to wash our shirt, pants, blanket, cover bad and else. In our house, we can share to use wash machine with parent.

Rent a house need $500 per month. You also need food too whereas you can eat at your parent house. You can eat breakfast before going to college and eat dinner after arriving home. You can lunch at college cafe or you may bring lunch box to the college.
It is not wrong to live with your parents when you are still in college. In east culture, the parent funds the child college until they graduate from the college. When you graduate the college, you might find apartment.

Work for the university
Some university need student for doing some jobs such as research. The professor often order the student to survey to the people they make interview with some people. We can also teach as the assistant of our lecture. Surely, the lecture will accept the clever and diligent student only.

In my country, a professor forbade the kid to ride the car whereas he has car and money. He did not want his kid use car while other student was not able to buy any car.
The students who depend on parent's money supposedly use public transportation to cut college spending. There are some public transportation such as bus, tram, and electric train. If they have money, they can buy it.

A student needs some textbooks that cost $ 1,000 a year. We can get cheaper textbooks such as e-book, used text books, and others. You can borrow the textbook to your classmate. There are a lot ways to cut the college spending.
As the student, you do not need to buy brand cloth but generic bran. You can save much dollar on it.

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