Monday, February 6, 2012

Freelancer versus employee: which side are you?

Some people choose as freelancer while some other prefers as employee. The freelancer thinks that the freelancer is better than an employee because they can get more money. They can stream income from various sources such as payment, royalty, goodwill, and others. They can still work to for some university or school that needs experienced people.
Meanwhile, the employee feels comfort with the monthly salary. They can receive regularly payment from the boss that the freelancer does not receive it. With regular payment, the employee can manage the money easier than the freelancer.
The employer also set aside the salary to retirement fund such as IRA, or 401k. Those retirement fund can be withdrawn when you retire or when you quit working.
Some company facilitates the clinic that you can visit when you sick. The clinic provides some medicine. You do not have to spend money when you got sick. Some company allows you to bring your kids to clinic.
The company also pays insurance for you. When you got accident in factory or office, the company will pay the health cost.
However, not all company will pay the medical benefit, retirement fund, and insurance. Some company employ outsourced employee that has no right to get those items. The employee also grumbles to lower salary. Sometimes the claim payment is low.
As an employee, we should attend at the office at the morning and go home at the afternoon. If the boss orders you overtime, you may work overtime or not. The boss will pay your overtime. On other hand, freelancer does not need go to office every day. The freelancer can start work when someone orders the job or project. With so many empty times, they can do anything to collect some money.
A company usually retires the employee at 55 or 60 old years. The old man is not productive for the company so they should replace the old man with the young people. After retire, the employee must be difficult to find jobs. On other hand, freelance workers do not recognize retire. They can work as long their body health. Some company still hires the old consultant for doing some projects.
Some freelancer prefer to work for themselves and be own boss. They do not want any boss that angry to them or order them; meanwhile, an employee should obey what the boss said. Some boss makes the employee mad because he or she often shout load.

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