Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some freelance are tricked with their condition

Some freelances foil to get financial freedom and financial goal because they are tricked by themselves? Do they trick or cheat themselves? Actually, they do not cheat anyone but they are tricked by some of their condition. The condition makes them negligent and not serious to find money. Here are some conditions that are tricked them:
1. A Freelancer thinks that they have so much time
Some new freelancer does not realize that time is pricey. They cannot rewind the morning like rewind tape recorder. They tend to delay some jobs.
They think they have so much times because they do not need to go to office every day.
2. They think they have so much money
Some freelancers are satisfied with hundred dollars. They think they collect more money than an employee who works for a great company. It makes the freelancers lazy.
They supposedly to work hard due they have no fix salary. An employee with lower salary has medical benefit, pension benefit, and saving while the freelance has no benefit. The freelancer must provide money for their future due that has no company that protects them.
3. The freelancer has no target
Some beginner has no target what the revenue or what time they spend for their project. They tend to delay the jobs. They think they can do the jobs later because there is no one asks the project. Even the freelancer has no project; they have to set the target. For example, the freelancer should finish the programming project in two month.
The freelancer should realize that they should still work even they have no jobs or project. They can make improvement for last project so they can be expert.
4. There are so many disturbances
As a self employee, we get so many disturbances. When write the article, my brother ask me to fill monthly tax information. I cannot refuse it because I feel I can do it easily. After I have done the jobs, I forgot to write and I loss the idea.
When you stay at home, the house people may ask some help to you. We cannot refuse their requirement. Your wife may ask to sit your baby, while she cooks in kitchen.
5. Freelancers have no boss
Most freelancers want to be freelancers because they want to be boss. They are happy without boss. However, there is no people who angry when they make mistake.
They are not motivated to work hard like employee.

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