Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some cheap sport that makes you health

Who want to be a sick millionaire? I think only few people. In my opinion, the health is an important asset beside cash, gold, stock, car, and else. The sick man cannot enjoy the money. They must spend most time at bed or hospital. The doctor forbids the sick to eat certain food and the sick must reduce sugar, salt, or fat. I think the rich man must be suffered.
A rich man supposedly keeps their health. Sport is a way to keep the body health. It can lift the body immunity and reduces heart attack risk.

Unfortunately sport is very expensive. Some gym charge expensive fee for the member. If we have little money, we can still do sport. There is some sport that is cheap:

1. Running
You can run around your neighborhood. It is free. Some people can run for five kilometers a day. If you are health, you can run for long distance.
There are some benefits in running. It can reduce the fat or cholesterol in your body.

2. Walking
You can walk with your pets at your environment. It does not good for you but also your pets. The pets will be happy to walk with you. Walking is good for fat man and it does not hurt the knee.

3. Biking
Buy a bike for you. A bike is not expensive and the maintenance is not expensive. You can buy used bike if you have little money. Biking is good for heart.
NB: You have better to consult with the doctor about what kind sport that is suitable for you. Doctor may forbid running for the fat man due it could harm to the knee.

4. Sand sack
Fill the sack with sand and hang at a garage or warehouse. You can hit or kick. Hit hundred times and you will be tired. This tool is used by Karate or boxer.

5. Stick
Find used stick at your warehouse. You can move your hand with stick. You can use rattan or bamboo stick that is cheap. I use to exercise with the stick twice a week.

6. Swimming
In village, we can swim at Lake or river free. Be careful with Crocodile or Piranha. If you live near beach, you can swim every day. I think some pool is cheap. We can swim once or twice a week. Swimming can train our breath and it is good for heart and asthma. The air above the water usually cleans so the people are use to breath with fresh air.

Some Cheap Vacation

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