Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reason not to watch cable TV?

Here are some reasons why you are better to end the cable TV subscriptions:
1. Cable TV is expensive
A subscriber of cable TV has to pay $ 50 to $ 100 a month to the cable TV operator. Actually we can use the money for other important spending.
2. Cable TV waste time
If you are not wise, you can spend so many times at TV. It is not good for you. Due economic tight, you should work more hard to generate more money. Cable TV can disturb our jobs and it could postpone some jobs. Our notice may direct to the TV rather than our jobs.
3. Increase your electricity bill.
Since you spend more time at cable TV, you waste so many energy. You have to plug the antenna to the electricity. It does need much energy but your bill must increase.
4. It is not good for your child. The child may watch the TV all day if you do not forbid them. They will be lazy to study and they will be fool. The elementary level child likes something new like cartoon or movies. They are difficult to miss the TV program.
5. The cable TV plays last year TV
Even we subscribe premium cable TV, we cannot watch newest movies. The TV cable just play previous movies that we may watch it last year at DVD or HD TV.
6. We cannot manage the schedule
The schedules of movie are stacked by the cable TV operator so you cannot manage your time to watch. It may disturb your jobs schedule too.
7. We cannot intermit the film
Certainly, we can miss the part of the film if we want to go to toilet. We cannot also rewind the film too so we can see the missing part. We may leave the best scene or the important part of the film. Meanwhile, we cannot delay to toilet because it can make us sick.
8. Cable TV often plays the old film or program over many times
I see some program has been played in free TV. The cable TV use the previous program
9. Your live quality decrease
Watching five hours cable TV does not change your destiny and it cannot produce money. Find a job outside and generate few money or Find jobs at internet. There are some jobs that you can do such as writing and blogging. If you spend five hours in writing, you may become a good writer someday.

The cable TV may loss you and you should reduce your time at that.

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