Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Risk that can harm retirement fund

Some people fail to get the retirement due it some factor or risk. The employee should notice that some risk that can derail the retirement and they have to prepare with it. There are some action that you can do:
Losing jobs
Due economy tight, the company cut some spending including employee. They need to cut the spending in order to survive.
Losing a job could be harm for some people. They cannot contribute to the retirement again. The retirement fund must find the jobs to overcome this situation.
They can open a business to overcome the uncertain economic.
Sick and illness
Sick people cannot work well; the income and revenue must be decrease. The company may fire the employee who often alpha due their sick. The company must replace sick man with new health employee. The company does not want to loss with the sick.
If the sick is worst such as cancer, the employee should spend more money. They may withdraw the retirement fund. To cure the cancer, they should remove it from the sick with surgeon. The cost of the surgeon is pricey.
An employee should keep health. Do not eat any food that harm to the health body. The employee should sport regularly. There are some cheap sport like running, walking, biking, and others. The sport may not avoid you from sick but it can reduce the sick risk.
The recession
The recession affect our saving and investment and also our retirement too. Most stock fell and most investor sell the stock. They use the money for other investment. There is few investment that can generate return like gold and other precious metal.  Some retirement fund asset may decrease due to its decrease assets.
In economy tight, the goods and service price is also increasing. The increases goods make us spend more money for the same quality and quantity of goods.
Natural Disasters
The Japanese quake and tsunami has crushed so many building, crop field, vehicle, boat, power plant, and so. The insurance cannot replace the loss because the loss is predicted 2 billion dollars.
It is important to save your asset in various things. You can buy the asset at other place.
I hear that the divorced in West Country is pricey. I heard a basketball superstar has to share the assets with the ex wife.
In East country, the wife will not get the husband assets unless the husband permits him. It is illegal for wife to grab the former husband assets.
That is why some husband in West creates a pre-wedding contract that guarantee the assets.

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