Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to cut water bill spending

People cannot live without water. Most of human part contains water. Human cannot far from water. However the water supply is limited. There are some tips to reduce water bill.
1. Do not let the tap open
Turn off the water when you do not use it. If you find any leaks, you must change it. Changing the tap is cheaper than pay the water leaks.
2. Use washing machine that need little water.
Some washing machine can clean the cloth with little water. Do not use the machine to clean one or two cloth. Wait until the cloth can full the machine tube.
3. Take Shower
By taking shower, you can save 20-40 gallon water each you take shower. Certainly, you will pay cheaper water bill.
4. Checks the leaks pipe
If you find a leak you should contact pipe man.
5. Turn off the water when you do not need it. Some people may forget to turn off the spigot.
6. You do not have to pour the garden with water. Let your grass brown rather than pouring water to garden. Your grass will become green when the rain comes.
7. Pour the water at glass enough. Do not pour glass full so you cannot drink it all.
8. Patch the water when you wash the vegetable, meat, fish, and fruit. You can use its water to pour your garden. Some mother believes those water could make the plant grow. The water has function like fertilizer and it s bring some material that is similar to fertilizer.
9. Install Rain harvester at your house if you have wide backyard. You can use the water for bath; pour the plant, and others. In some region, people depend on rain water. They cannot buy the water because there is no water company. The soil also contains acid or basal water.
If you buy rain harvester, you can use the water for months.
10. Use water filter for your aquarium tank so you can use the water for months. Replace half water do not remove all water. Some Koi pond also use water filter so it does need fresh water. They may change the water when the rain comes.
11. Renegotiate the water bill to the people who have pool, garden, and pond. Some company may give you light bill.
12. Do not throw the water from the car wash. You can use the water to clean your window or peel the floor.

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