Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to cut cable TV bill

Watching cable TV is not an essential need. People will not die if they do not watch cable TV forever. Most financial experts suggest stopping cable TV to cut the monthly spending. However, you can cut cable TV if you can do like this:

Find the cheapest operator
There are some cable TV operator and they offer different bill. Find the best operator that offers cheaper bill. The best operator work professional that can serve you better. We do not want bad operator
Ask the discount
Some cable TV operator offers discount to the subscribers. In my country, the operator will give one month free for the subscribers who attract other people to subscribe the cable TV.
Select the program
Do not subscribe for 500 channels because you will not watch all the channels. Only subscribe the channel you like or you need. If you like watch movie, you can select movie channel. However, the channel TV sometimes does not satisfy us. The cable TV shows the movies that have been launched previous years. The cable TV just plays 600 films in a year.
It is impossible to watch hundreds channel whereas you work all day. An employee can watch TV three hours a day after work hours.
Cable TV charge on how long you use it
In my country, we can buy pre-paid voucher for watching the cable TV. The operator just charge when you watch TV. This ways can help you to reduce the bill. When you do not watch TV, you can turn off the cable TV. You can switch to free TV whenever the free TV provides same program or movie.
Use HDTV antenna
Use HDTV antenna rather than cable TV so you do not have to pay cable TV bill.

Share cable TV with your neighbor
In my country, a subscriber can share the cable TV with their neighbors. We can pay cheaper with the neighbor. I do not know whether United States Cable TV allow it. Ask the operator first whether they allow you to share with your neighbor.
If you feel cable TV waste your money, you need to end the cable TV subscribers. You can watch TV free that plays some movie too or you can hire some DVD that you can watch anytime.
We can also watch news from free TV. There is lot information at Free TV too.

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