Monday, March 12, 2012

Reason Not Watch TV

TV is the most famous entertainment things in the world. We are free to watch TV every time. We can watch some cinema, movies, and film. TV broadcast the news that may useful for us. The weather information informs us to prepare from hard rain.
However TV gives some bad effect to the watcher. Like a drug, we are difficult to not watch TV. This is the shortcoming of watching TV:
1. The energy cost will increase
Undoubtedly, TV needs energy even a save energy TV. You have to pay the bill each month.
2. Watching TV too much damages your eyes. When we watch TV, our eye accommodate with the TV light. Sometimes I can stand with the light. If you watch TV our, your eyes will tears. The tears in eyes because the eye tired to accommodate
3. Alienate you from reality
Some TV show is unrealistic program. The TV teaches us how to dream but it does not teach us make us rich. However some talk show program can enrich our knowledge.
4. Delay your project
Some freelancer delay to finish the job because the TV program or movies is so excited. They forget that they must finish the jobs tomorrow. Finally, the client will not give jobs to the freelancer.
The freelancer is easy to be tempted by TV because they work at their home where they are free to turn on the TV. Some company also provides TV so the employee can watch it. I think the company should turn off the TV.
5. TV can make you lazy
Some people prefer watch TV than sport. They can spend time for hour while they do not do some exercises for five minutes only.
Actually, they can do some exercises while watching TV. Sometimes I watch TV and do some exercise. I use stick for sport. Sometimes I swap the floor but the TV is still on.
6. Waste your money and time
Time is pricier than money. When you watch TV you waste so much time. Some people can watch six to twelve hours a day.
We may not stop watch TV but we should limit time at TV. Reduce our time in TV step by step and you will be free from TV.

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