Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to save fro the multiple saving goals?

The aim or goal to save some money is use the money. We want buy or use the money for something or someone. Perhaps you have so much aim or target such as:
1.       Buy the first house
2.       Buy the first car
3.       Pay the college
4.       Pilgrim to Mecca

You must need thousand dollars to save for those aims. Unfortunately, you just can save thousand dollars in a month. So you should be clever to manage your money
First you must prioritize what aim that is the most you need. You can place the important aims at the first line. Meaning you must reach the first line before you go to the second line or third line.
Some aim needs so much money, so you must be able to provide or save so much money. You may put the house as the first your saving goal because a house is the shelter of every people. Unfortunately, we cannot buy the house because our limited money. We may need dozen years until we buy a house.
Off course, we cannot ignore to save for short term goals.  Perhaps you want to buy a blender or you need to buy a new shirt because your shirt is too old.
You can divide the money for the log term goal and short term goal.

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