Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Benefit Cutting your Credit Card

There is a business community in my country that promotes "avoid usury" movement. They do not avoid to   business with bank because the bank charge interest to the debtor and they also share tha interest to the creditor.
Their movement to leave riba (usury) in their live. One of their actions is to ask people cut the credit card. They realize that credit card is a usury that load people.
I also agree to this movement because the credit card cannot give the real benefit for us. They may give you money at the advance but you should pay more than you can receive because there is some fee such as admin fee, interest fee, and so on. 

The credit card also boost you to spend more. Some people spend thousand dollar in a day and reach the credit card limit.  They think that they can pay all the debt later.
Cutting credit card will lead you to financial independence. You do not have to  pay the debt and you do not need the money from credit card. You can find money from business or you can work for other people.
You will leave the Sin. As a Muslim, we believe usury a sin. Allah and the messenger will embattle you that you will not win on it. 

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