Friday, September 18, 2015

What you can do after paying off the debt

The article is interested me .Live after debt. For the debtor, they must be happy after paying off the debt. They do not have to pay the debt again and so the interest. Now they can more enjoy the salary.

Off course, they can celebrate for once.They can outing out for it but they should be careful. They can be trapped at the debt again if they do not change the lifestyle.

after the debt life, you can restablish your budget now. You will get have more money because you do not have to pay the debt. You have to wise to use the money.You can save the money for the emergency fund that is six times your montly spending. This will help you to avoid the debt.

Payongg off the debt is not finalgoal. You should always think the other goal . You must have some gola that you want to reach. You can use the money to fund your goal. I believe you want to fund your kid school or buy a new car. Prioritize the golas that you need not you want.

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