Thursday, September 10, 2015

Peer to Peer Landing, what is?

To be honest, I just know about peer to peer landing, after reading blog mint article. The aim the peer to peer landing is to reach the people that can borrow from financial institution such as bank and credit union.  We or you can find a man who wants to lend you some money.
This facility connects a people that need money and others that need to lend. The lender want to lend the money to get the interest; while the borrower want to borrow money for business or paying off credit card. The lender realizes that the money so abundant but they do not know to use the money.  

It seems easy to lend some money from other now. As long you have good credit points you will get the credit easily. The interest is lower than the bank.  That is why some credit card uses this for credit card consolidation.
Peer to peer landing is credit even though this is cheaper than any credit. You still have to pay the credit.  I am not recommend use the peer to peer because it may harm your money. I prepare not to borrow to pay of my debt. 

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