Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to make money in blogging

Some people including me still confuse to make money from blogging. I just made cents or a dollar from blogging but i am pretty sure that blogging will make money. As long we want to make the blogging fun.

Here are the ways to blogging for money.
1. Adsense
Google is the easiest ways to make money in blogging but you should have to create one account. If you have million traffics to your blog, you will get the benefit from adsense.
The visitors who really click on your blog and you get the money from Google. Some people can generate thousands dollar from the website.  The secret t get traffic is the visitors. More visitors, more money. To get so many visitors, you must write the useful post and interesting post.  

2. Amazon Affiliate
To be honest, I will not use it since I live outside United States. For United States citizen, you will earn 8.5 % each time people click and buy the product You can put the links, banner, widget at your blog.
There are some product that you can promote at your blog such as book, shirt, accessories, tool kit and others. There is some collection that you can sell too. When people buy a thousand dollars item, you will get so much money.  

3. Create e-books
This is a way to promote your blog. You can give your reader free information with the e-book. If they like, they must back to your blog and they may subscribe your blog. The eBook must be different to your blog post so the visitor will hit like for your blog. 
You can create the eBook from your blog content. Surely, you must edit you blog post first. Do not create ebook from your blog post that make the reader bored to your blog post.

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