Sunday, November 15, 2015

Open a business without quit job

Some people complain about their low salary. The salary is not enough to cover their monthly spending. The salary almost loses at the middle of the month. They must trim down their spending such as eating out, cloth, cable tv and others. Sometimes their find side jobs but they do not get enough money.
Therefore some worker opens a business to make money. As long your business does not disturb your job, you can open a business.  Perhaps blogging is a good choice for your business. To make money, you should have a good website that has thousands subscribers or thousand visitors everyday. More visitor you can get more money.
To make a good website, you should write dozen or hundreds good content. You can also hire writers or ghost writers to create a good content. You will generate the visits soon when you promote it to the social media. People will visit your blog and you will make money.
You can also open online shop to sell something. Perhaps you want to sell old book or kids’ toy and bag. There is some profit that you can get from it.
There are so many opportune today. You can also open a café near your house .Perhaps you have a favorite cuisine that people like it. Alternatively, you can sell the cookie or bread online. The visitors will ask you some cookies.
You can also sell your hobbies. Perhaps you save some photograph in your hard disk. You can sell it for a dollar or cents.  It will not disturb your working time.
When your business grow up you can ask other people to help you or you can hire virtual assistant. When your business become larger, you can decide to quit jobs. You should choice whether you stay at your last jobs or

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