Sunday, November 8, 2015

The sign of sick financial

The poor man must have sick financial because they cannot cover the spending. They have trim down the spending but they cannot cover the spending. It is debatable that the poor must have sick but some rich people also have sick financial. Hera is this signs
1.       They can cover the spending
Though, they can make hundred thousand dollar but their spending beyond the salary. They must owe money from other people. They should back the money and someday they will be bankrupt if they cannot pay the debt.
The sick man just fulfills the want but they ignore what their need. They supposedly cut the expenses. They can begin to reduce eating out, drink coffee at cafĂ©, and watch the movie at cinema.  

2.       They have so much debt.
They should pas the credit card monthly and pay the car credit, house credit and education debt. The debt more than 30% of the asset is a dangerous. They have low ability to pay the debt with the asset.

3.       Have No financial Goal
Perhaps some people abandon the financial goal and they do not care about it. They think that financial goal is useless or they think they do not need financial goals because they have no money.Either you have money or no have money, you should have the financial gals.You can start 

4.       No Investment
The investment is good for our future. It can help you when you have no jobs or when you retire. The investment can multiply our asset. The return that you will get may

5.       No Emergency Fund
The emergency fund when you get the accident. When you stop working and you should find the jobs. The emergency  will help you to finance your live when you have no jobs or salary. The amount is not more than six times your routinely spending.

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