Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to invest your self

Investment is not only stock or bond. You can also invest to your self. I think this is the most profitable investment. When you use money for invest your self you do not spend your money but you save your money for your skills.
You have to kind to your self. Though you have bot much money but you should to   

Develop your skills
You must have a skill or every people have skill. Some people have developed the skill but some other not. You have to develop the skill to make more money. The employee would like ire the very skilled people. Here are some ways to develop your skills
Get higher degree. You can get the higher degree. For the high school graduate you may enter the diploma school. For the Bachelor, you can enter
Attend training that relevant to your skill. You can get the experience and the new tips and trick from the experts
Expand your knowledge. There al lot book and journal that can expand you knowledge.

Explore your creative side
The creative people must be a rich man. They can sell their idea to other people. To be a creative man, you can do like this
Read the book, magazine and others. There are story of creative people that may motivate you to become creative. Perhaps you have some idea from other people.
Learn a new a language. I also learn some language .I love Arabic language and I study at the elementary  
Learn cook. Perhaps your kids are bored with your cuisine. You can try to learn cooking something new.
Learn to create hand craft. Some and craft is easy to made. you can make it and get some dollar from it.

Nurture your mind and body
Read anything that you like. Certainly you should read the good thing only that can lead you better. Do not read any garbage that just produces other garbage.
Open your mind
Try to receive other people suggestion and forgive ourselves.

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