Friday, November 6, 2015

How to overcome the sick financial

Though, you have high salary but you cannot fulfill your spending. Your financial health must be sick, that is why you have to overcome or cure the sick. The sick will harm your finances. You will not save any penny and you have no retirement fund.
Perhaps there action can cure your problem:
1. List of your spending
What is the total of your spending? Perhaps you spend much for leisure only but you ignore the important things, you do not save or invest but you just buy useless things. Track the spending that you spends everyday. Write every spending that you use at the afternoon. Do not write the today spending at the next day. You must be forget to record all the spending.
2. Create a budget
This is a ways to term down your spending. By creating a budget, you know where to spend the money. You must obey the budget that you have made it or you cannot improve you financial health. By creating the budget, you know the balance of your spending and the income. Reduce the speeding when it beyond the income. You can also increase your income if you cannot or do not want to trim down your spending.
3. Crate financial goals
Perhaps you have the financial goals but you do not have the specific one.  You goal just want to be rich. We do not know the reach it .Is rich people who have the car in the house only.  A poor man has car or house but they still poor. You should make specific goals that derive you to work hard.
Perhaps you want to get one million dollars for next ten years. Then, you should save your moneys for it. You can also open a business or invest at some investment.

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