Saturday, July 21, 2012

Financial Advice for teenage

A teen also needs financial advice too even they have not yet generate money. They may not know about finance or money because they have no jobs unless special teen who work as the artist or celebrity, such as Justin Bieber. Though the teen has no paycheck or salary, they should manage their money well. The parent should advice the kids so they can manage money when they grow up. Here is the financial advice for teen:

1. Budget
A teen that have able to calculate the number and graduate from mathematics subject must be able to create a budget. They can use a piece of paper or they can use spreadsheet. I believe the teen spending is not much as the mature spending. Perhaps their spending is just transportation cost, lunch, toys, and others. Most teen spending is paid by their parents. 
Remember what you spend last month and what will you spend next month. This is not difficult for the child to record the spending.
2. Frugal living
Do not ask your mother or father to buy the expensive gadget and toys like your friend? Your friend father may be a success business that has million dollar in stock while your father is just a clerk. You just need a simple phone to connect with your friend or you may need a notebook.
As the teenager, you do not need own car. It needs service and maintenance. You can use bicycle to go to school or the school bus.
3. Saving
Your mother gives $ 100 per month but you do not spend the entire of money. You do not need to back to your mother. Keep the excess cash to your cash box. You may need the money when you grow up or you can collect it buy games, software, baseball card, and other.
It is better to buy the toys with your money than asking to your mother.
4. Try to find little pennies
In my country, a couple kids make English course games. The games can help the foreign English to learn English fun. The kids generate royalty when they young.
Why do not sharp your skill when you are young? You are young and your parents support you with money. They also allow you live inside the house.
Some kids offer the service to the neighbors. Mowing the yard is not a bad idea. The neighbor may like what you do.
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