Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What you should have to stream multiple incomes?

I imagine receive dozen dollar from a blog. If I create dozen blog, I will receive hundreds or thousand dollar. I also create the book. I have dream to have multiple income from multiple source. I also have planned to build income from selling chicken pet.
I am sure the people will have same dream with me. Stream multiple incomes from various type of income. However, It is not easy to realize it. Not all people can stream multiple income recently. There are some difficult to build multiply income:
1. Need money
When you build the various real assets or invest to various stocks, you need much money. For the limited money, they can start from little money. They can create online shop that needs little capital. Blogging is cheapest ways
2. Need long time
No one can stream the money in second unless you cheat people. Streaming income needs long time. My friend builds blog for one years and he just get one dollar a month. After three years, he got hundreds dollar in a month.
3. Patience
Most people are impatient people and they are easy to give up. You should work hard to stream multiply income. Working from 9 to 5 is not enough to care all of your business. Some people add the work hours to generate the multiple incomes.
Some people is not patience in build multiple income. They often move form a business to other business. They have no stand to build a business. For example, the last year, Mr. Armor built a donuts Cafe near the apartment. Mr. Armor could not generate the revenue because the visitor is not much. Only few clerk who bought his donuts. Today, he opens a gadget store but the buyer is little. In a day, only two people buy the Ipad. He thinks to change the business.
Mr. Armor is impatient man. He is better to not to close the donuts cafe. He should try hard to

4. Management
Streaming money from various incomes mean managing the income source. You have to control the various income sources. When the stream has stopped, you have to improve the flow. Perhaps your man has made some mistakes or they forget to sell your product.
You have the ability to manage human and resources or you can delegate your business to reliable people. Surely you should pay them.

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