Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pros and Cons Investing in Silver

People talk about silver that price is increasing more than hundred percent for past twelve months. This metal return is higher than the gold. This white shine metal has different characteristics with gold. Not all people use silver due its corrosive. The Silver is easy to dirty because the air can affect the shine of the color. The owner should clean the metal periodically. They can use clean cloth and polish it. To prevent the shine metal, some owner also polishes it with addictive chemical.
Most silver are used for jewelry, accessories, handcraft, spoon, watch, and else. Some country also uses silver as coin.
Silver is different to gold that can be used for various such as electric cable, processor, fake teeth, electronic component, and else. Its corrosive character makes this metal is not good for electronic use.
Like other precious metal, silver has a risk We have to pay the saving deposit box to keep silver. The cost is about $ 13,000 for every million dollars.  The deposit box guarantee our silver security and will change your silver if someone steal your silver from deposit box. 
Silver is not too good for jewelry due to its white shine color. Most people do not use silver as jewelry especially rich people.
The weight of silver is heavy. A troy ounce of silver price is only $ 35. You can buy a ton of silver for $ 1,125,400.00
Another disadvantages of investing in silver that is not liquid or you are difficult to cash it immediately. You have to find the jewelry store or silversmith that want to buy your silver.
Due to its limited purpose, the demand of silver is lower than the gold. I hear that the silver price just decreased. In May 6th 2010, the price drop to 10%. This is the biggest decreases price due to dollar become strong. Most precious metal has reversely movement with dollar currency. When dollar is strong, the precious metal decreases and reversely.
However, silver can be a good alternative investment. The silver price may fall but it is difficult to fall again. The silver could reach high price due to the panic investor who want to keep their money.
We can keep this metal as our investment. The investor should know when the right time to buy silver. They can buy when the silver decrease and sell it when the price is high.

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