Friday, June 22, 2012

What makes the collectibles expensive

As ordinary people, we must be confused to collector who want pay million dollars for painting whereas the painting is not different with other painting. The painting must be valuable so people want pay it expensive. The collector considers some factors, such as:

1. Old
The old things usually is expensive than the new collectibles. A two hundreds old coin is more expensive than the one hundred old coins.
Most old things are damaged because the material is not durable. A wood can be fragile in hundreds years and a bronze can be crushed in hundreds years too.
Most people do not keep the old thing. They prefer to throw the things than collecting it.

2. The owner
The owner also influences the price of the collectibles. If the collectibles have been ever used by the famous people, the price must be high.  For example, a Saddam's hat is more expensive than the other similar hat.
Some collector also hunt other famous people such as celebrity, politician, world leader, athlete and else. However, some collectibles from famous people sometimes is priceless. If the collectibles has no history value, It will be cheap.
I believe some us people will hunt Osama hat or AK 47 after he died. The collections of Osama could reach million dollars.

3. Limited edition
Some collectibles are made in limited edition, such as, basketball card, baseball card, ring, and others. Those collectibles must be more expensive than other collectibles.
Jordan basketball card must be expensive than other player card. Jordan who is the legendary basketball is printed in limited edition. Only lucky people who get Jordan card's. The card company just print few Jordan card due it is expensive to pay Jordan's royalty.

4. Few supply
The collectibles which is difficult to find is very expensive. The collector will buy expensive for rare collectibles. Perhaps the collector wants to pride the rare collectibles to the friend.
United States collector like collecting civil war collectibles such as sword. The south sword is more expensive than the North sword due its rare. When the war over, most of confederate war were crushed. We know the confederate loss in the civil war and they should eliminate the weapon. Only few confederate save the weapon. that is why the South collectibles is very expensive.
Some people try to change the north collectibles to be south collectibles in order to lift the price.

5. Certificate
When you buy the collectible, you need to ask whether they have the certificates. You can get the certificate from the factory or the collectible organizations. The certificate proves that the collectibles is real. Some collectibles has more than one certificate. Owning more certificates is better.

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