Friday, June 22, 2012

How employee make additional money while they still work

Today, an employee should be clever to generate money than before. The crisis cause some employee cannot fulfill the daily necessity. Ask to increase salary is impossible due most company also suffer loss. Finding jobs is not a good option too.
However some employee can generate money to fulfill their need. With doing some jobs, they can pay the mortgage, leasing, and other credit. The employee does not need to trim down the food expenses and they may still invest at stock or buy precious metal. Here are some option to add the revenue:

1. Extra hours
Your boss may ask you to work at extra hours. If you are health and strong, you can take the extra hours. The employee will get extra salary from your boss.

2. Teaching at night
Some professional or employee also teaches university or college at night. Teach any subject that is similar to your jobs. For example, a public relation of the company can teach about communication at the university. By teaching, an employee can share the knowledge and experience in the office. Most university need the professional from company to teach at their university.
You can also teach in the morning if your boss permit it.

3. Online business
An employee can open a business online. They can open an online shop that does need much money. They can start beginning the business with dozen dollars only. The employee can get benefit from twitter to promote their business. Working online does not need much time. You can do it after working at the office. You can also use rest time to do some online business. 

4. Be a consultant
Some employee can be a freelancer consultant. My friend is an accounting in a retail store but he also work for the accounting and tax consultant. He often fill the tax form and improve the tax form of some company. 

5. Writing
In my country, a worker from a  bakery become a famous writer. He used to work for the company from morning to the afternoon. He was only a high school graduated that baked the bread. In the night, he write some fiction article and send it to a fiction magazine. Now, he has published dozen fiction books. Surely, he does not work for the bakery company again.
If you like writing, you can also open a blog. Reach so many visitor with your blog and get money from ads or product.

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