Sunday, June 17, 2012

The cost of having a car

Owning a car is a dream for most people. We can go to anywhere easily by car. Hold the steer make our feeling so happy. Some people are proud to other people due its car. They often proudly exhibit to other people.
For the rich people, owning a car is not a problem because they have so much money. On the other hand, ordinary people must be hard to pay some cost like this:

1. Maintenance and service cost: After run for thousand kilometers a car owner supposedly check the car. The engine must be erode after working hard.The owner should replace the engine oil so the machine can work well.
2. Insurance. Some country oblige the car owner to buy the insurance. The insurance insure the traffic accident and pay to the victim of traffic accident. Some car owner also insurance the car from accident and loss. There are so many thieves that want stealth new car.
3. Parking. If we want go to office by car, we should hire the parking lot. It is not cheap to hire the park. In New York, you have to pay $ 1000 per month for a car.
4. Ticket. Some country forbid car enter the city. London charge £ 16 each time the car enter the city.
5. Toll fee. Passing through street often got traffic jam. We can use highway to avoid the traffic but it need cost.
6. Depreciation. The car value is decreasing. The car decrease 35% at the first time. After first time, the depreciation rate is around 10%. It is caused by the old machine that cannot work as the new car.
7. Driver. Some luxurious car needs driver or chauffeur and it is not cheap. The owner should pay at least 1,200 per month.
8. Gasoline or Gas. The car need gasoline or gas that cost $3 to 4 per gallon depend on the world oil price. When Arab world stop producing the oil, the oil price may hit $6 per gallon. At least you will need $ 500 per month.
9. Washing car
To keep the car sparkling clean, the owner should wash the car periodically. The owner can wash with car shampoo and water. If they have no time, they can wash in washing car machine that use automatically large brush and foam. In a few minute, the car will be clean.

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