Monday, June 4, 2012

Pros and Cons New House

House is a basic needs for human. A family supposedly has a house where they live. They can sleep under the comfortable house roof. The family member can meet together and share what they have meet at the outside.
A family can buy new house or old house. If they have much money, they can buy any house. There are pros and cons buying new house:
New house mean new building
The new house usually has strong construction. The cement still sticky to stick the brick and sand. The plywood or steel frame that supports the house is very strong. A new house color is colorific due the owner paint it with new paint.
Some developer builds a new model of home. Perhaps there is a water heater that uses solar power.
New Environment
You must get new environment they may be different to previous environment. Perhaps, there are some neighbors that also help you. Reversely, the owner may have a bad neighbor who makes them sick.
The durable
The house can be used for dozen years or hundreds year. It also depends on material that the developer uses. Be sure that the developer use durable material so you do not have to service the house. 
It does need some improvement or service
The new house does not need improvement. The frame still strong and you do not need to replace it. The roof is new so it can protect you from hard winter or hard rain. Perhaps, you will service or maintenance it next ten years.

Very Expensive
A new house must be expensive. The mortgages must be expensive too. The owner should allocate so much money for mortgage payment. It is not good to use mortgage recently due interest rate is very high.
The tax
Due its expensive price, the owner should pay higher tax than old house.

New house means new experience
There are no people who ever stay at the house. so no one know the advantages or disadvantages of the house. There is no one who can explain how live at the house. 
New community
New house means new community and new neighbor. The owner should adapt with new community. Perhaps they have habit and culture that is different to you.
Before buying a new house, you need to consider the pros and cons. If you prefer the pros of the new house and you have so much money, you can buy new house.

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